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Bipolar 2 disorder sufferers have episodes of hypomania which aren’t generally severe enough for them to think anything is “wrong.” They just seem to be in a great mood and feeling very social and creative. Their depressive states, however, are more severe. The sufferers tend to seek help while in a state of depression, therefore obtaining prescriptions for an antidepressants.

In a study by an Italian psychiatric disorders expert, Franco Benazzi, MD, PhD, says that studies show that antidepressants and a bipolar 2 patient may not make a good combination.


Also, below is an excellent source of links and specific information on the use of antidepressants in those with bipolar. Very interesting material.


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Another Article in Print

The Arkansas Traveler, the University of Arkansas' newspaper, published my article on the health and safety of  college students.  Take a look at the Wednesday, October 20, 2010 issue. (www.uatrav.com)  Title is The Truth About Twenty-somethings.        ATTN: Please forgive any typos and especially the changes in point of view in this particular article. It was "edited" and changed (incorrectly) by editors-in-training at the University. They obviously need much more education before editing a seasoned writer's article.       


I'm priviledged to be a writer for The Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture. Subject: The Arkansas Children's Colony. It is presently offered to the public online, but is scheduled for print when completed.

Check out this informative site: http://www.encyclopediaofarkansas.net/encyclopedia/entry-detail.aspx?entryID=2575